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Caherconnell International Furnace Festival

Carron, Co Clare  

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August 26, 2023 August 27, 2023

The creation of iron and steel from Irish iron ores. Spectacle and learning for young and old.


Good to Know

This is the second year that this unique Festival takes place at Caherconnell Fort Co. Clare.  Iron is smelted from small clay furnaces and then forged into objects of art and practical use by 25 smelters and 25 blacksmiths. Especially the ‘birth of iron’, when the hot mass of metal is extracted from the furnace, is an unforgettable experience. During our continuous free guided tours of our Open Air Museum we explain everything about what you see and connect it to the history of iron production in Ireland. From bog iron ore from the Midlands, over the Gobán Saor to wrought iron gates.

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About Carron


The village of Carron is a walker’s paradise. As the only village in the Burren uplands, Carron is located close to many of North Clare’s most popular visitor attractions.