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Enjoy Walking with Loop Head Guided Walking Tours

Kilkee, West Clare.

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Loop Head Walking Tours can help you discover Loop Head and the West Clare peninsula – a hidden gem on the Wild Atlantic Way

These carefully curated tours transport adventurers off the beaten path to secluded beaches, cliff tops with panoramic views that rival the iconic Cliffs of Moher, and ancient ruins dating back to the 10th century. The explorations include historic lighthouses, wartime lookouts, artillery batteries, and an array of graveyards, holy wells, and submerged ships.

Martin Haugh of Loop Head Walking Tours is your guide to some of Clare’s most cherished landscapes. He offers guided excursions that reveal each path’s distinct character, from the tempestuous Atlantic coastline to the tranquil Shannon estuary, the heritage-rich streets of Kilkee, and the monastic paths of Kilcredaun.

Guests have the option of enhancing their trek with a packed lunch or a picnic arranged at a scenic midway point. Martin’s tours include access to private swimming spots, tucked away from the public eye.

Martin is the heart of Loop Head Walking Tours. As a local with a rich history in the area, he possesses an intimate knowledge of the land and a deep connection to the community. Having grown up near Baltard Castle, and with years of experience in local business in Kilkee, he has developed relationships with the landowners whose property he now traverses.

His tours are woven with tales of history, folklore, and personal anecdotes, garnered over years of engaging with the local community and landscape.

A former scuba diver and co-founder of the Kilkee sub aqua club and Kilkee search and recovery, Martin’s understanding of the coast extends to its most secluded inlets and coves. This knowledge allows him to guide guests to the most intriguing and mysterious parts of the Loop Head coastline.

Loophead Walking Tours invites travellers to step away from the commonplace and into the extraordinary with Martin. The experience is more than a walk; it’s an immersion into the essence of Loophead, where the stories of the past are as present as the windswept vistas.

To embark on this unique journey, visit www.loopheadwalkingtours.ie to select the tour that best suits their interests or phone Martin directly.

Good to Know

  • Operational form March to October.
  • Fees apply, check website for further details.
  • Suitable for children 13 years and older.
  • Walks often include visit cafes & galleries, where toilet facilities are available.
  • Meeting point is outside the Stella Maris Hotel, Kilkee.
  • Free parking available.

About Kilkee


Kilkee, on the Atlantic coastline, is one of Ireland's most popular seaside resorts. It's horseshoe-shaped beach is loved. Great activities, and spectacular cliff-top walks.