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All you Need to Know About Our 2024 ‘Be a Tourist in Your Own County Clare. Participation is FREE

Following the success of last year’s ‘Be a Tourist’ event, the Tourism Department of Clare County Council is once again inviting residents to explore and rediscover the county’s attractions and activities on Sunday, April 21, 2024. This initiative aims to enhance local engagement and foster a deeper appreciation of Clare, equipping residents with first-hand experiences to recommend your attraction or activity to visitors during the upcoming tourist season. It is also intended to surge business on this date.

  • A One-Day Only Offer: We are again inviting top attractions and activities in Clare to provide an extra-special, one-day-only offer exclusively to consumers on Sunday, April 21, either by accepting the ‘Be a Tourist’ generic vouchers (samples provided below) or by allowing consumers to book the offer on your website through a promotional code you provide us with. Most attractions are offering 50% off all admissions.
  • Extended Offers? In 2023, some attractions booked out so quickly, they extended their offer to other dates. If you would like to extend your offer to (say) Saturday, April 20, or to any days in the week following April 21, we can accommodate and message this within your offer. While Sunday participation is mandatory, extending your offer to Saturday can provide an opportunity to maximise exposure and visitor engagement.
  • Ensure You Can Accommodate a Business Surge: In 2023, some attractions were surprised by the surge in business on the ‘Be a Tourist’ Sunday. They hadn’t anticipated it. If your capacity is limited, we recommend having potential visitors book online. If you are confident you can accommodate an increase in volume, you can choose to accept the ‘Be a Tourist’ generic vouchers at the door (samples provided below) and/or require visitors to book online using a code you provide. Choosing what’s best for your operation will help ensure a smooth experience for both you and your visitors by preventing overcapacity issues. However, be aware that accepting vouchers at the door is likely to attract additional spontaneous visitors. When submitting your offer on the form below, please clearly indicate the applicable dates and the booking requirements associated with your offer.
  • Offers that Engage and Stimulate Interest: When crafting your offer, it’s important to note that, unless specified otherwise, the offer is valid for one day only (Sunday, April 21) and requires either our ‘Be a Tourist’ voucher or pre-booking, as you decide. This means the offer does not extend to ALL admissions on that day, making it exclusive rather than an open offer. The structure of this promotion indicates that those who come with a voucher or pre-booking are likely to represent incremental business, leading to additional income for you.
  • Guidance for One-Day Offers – 50% Off: This initiative welcomes participation from all attractions and activities, including those free to the public. Reflecting on the significant interest generated last year, we expect that a compelling offer (with 50% off as the recommended guideline) will once again attract a large audience. This strategy aims to boost incremental business, creating opportunities for further revenue.
  • Terms, Conditions, and Flexibility: General consumer terms and conditions will apply (details provided below), but you may set any specific, reasonable conditions within your offers to match your operational capabilities and expectations. Offers should be designed to stimulate interest and engagement; therefore, those that are excessively restrictive or fail to act as incentives will not be eligible for inclusion in the promotion.

How and when will it be promoted in 2024?

Our ‘Be a Tourist’ event in Clare will commence its promotional campaign post-Easter, to ensure the festivities have the spotlight they deserve. Following this, you’ll see extensive promotion across various platforms including the Clare Echo, Clare Champion, Clare FM, and through targeted social media efforts. Participating attractions are also free to share the excitement on their platforms at that time.

This strategic timing allows us to enhance the event’s visibility without disrupting the Easter business flow.

The ‘Be a Tourist’ Consumer Vouchers 2024

Here’s a preview of the ‘Be a Tourist’ generic vouchers. Participating attractions and activities have the option to accept these vouchers directly on the event day as part of your special offer, or you may choose to have consumers book in advance through your website or over the phone with a promotional code. Your specific offer and booking requirements will be detailed online. To drive engagement for this exclusive one-day event, the vouchers will be featured in the aforementioned local newspapers and across social media platforms. Attractions are also welcome to promote these vouchers through their online channels.

Submit your 2024 Special Offer Here

Submit your exclusive offer either through this link or by clicking the panel below, and please be mindful of the submission deadline: Friday, March 22. Our straightforward online form will assist you in detailing your offer, with a suggested guideline of 50% off admissions for this one day, applicable with a voucher or booking code. Remember, this offer doesn’t need to apply to all visitors on the day only to those who comply with your booking conditions. For any questions or further assistance, feel free to email

Consumer General Terms and Conditions

These are the GENERAL CONSUMER Terms and Conditions.

How to Use Your ‘Be a Tourist’ Extra Value Vouchers on Sunday, April 21, 2024:

  • Your ‘Be a Tourist’ VOUCHER grants access to a variety of SPECIAL OFFERS, as detailed on the [name of paper] page or at For this exclusive event on Sunday, April 21, 2024, the website will showcase a wide array of unique offers available on this date.
  • Please ensure you bring your printed vouchers, adhering to any specific terms and conditions highlighted within each offer, including any booking requirements. Some attractions necessitate pre-booking online providing a promotional code where applicable.
  • Vouchers can be printed in multiple for use across different attractions, with just one voucher needed per party at each location. They are strictly valid for use on Sunday, April 21, 2024, and cannot be combined with other promotions, exchanged for cash, or applied to past visits.
  • Note that in some instances, attraction offers may be extended beyond this date; such extensions will be clearly stated within the offer details.
  • Offers are designed for individual and family use only and are not applicable to group bookings.
  • All promotions are offered subject to availability and capacity limits, underscoring the importance of checking any pre-booking requirements to secure your visit.