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Broadford, East Clare


Nestled in the Glenomra Valley of the Slieve Bearnagh mountain range is the large East Clare village of Broadford.

Broadford is on the East Clare Way, a circular route that takes hikers on a 180-kilometre journey through the Slieve Aughty and Slieve Bearnagh ranges, the rolling hills and valleys of East Clare, and along the banks of the River Shannon and Lough Derg. The loop connects with the Mid Clare Way and takes eight days to complete.

Doon Lough, located just outside the village, features walking trails and a picnic site. The lake is surrounded by extensive woodland dating back to prehistoric times. It is considered one of Clare’s earliest tourist attractions, with records of visitors flocking to the area during the 19th century. The site once featured Doon Mulvihill, a tower house built on the site of an ancient fort. In 1986, three submerged canoes, estimated to be 2,000-2,500 years old, were found on the northern side of the lake.

Broadford offers visitors services such as shops, public houses, a children’s playground, and a national school. Danny’s Bar & Restaurant also offers accommodation, while nearby Kilbane Glamping provides another accommodation option for visitors. The local GAA Club is a hive of activity, particularly during the summer, and always welcomes visitors looking to enjoy the spectacle of Ireland’s most ancient game.

Broadford is ten minutes from O’Briensbridge, which hosts watersports and other activities on the River Shannon. Other nearby settlements include Kilbane, Bodyke and Tulla.