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Parteen, South Clare


The small, picturesque village of Parteen is located on the southern shore of the River Shannon next to the most ground-breaking infrastructure project ever constructed in Ireland.

Ardnacrusha Hydroelectric Power Station is regarded one of the engineering milestones of the 20th century and is draw for visitors to the southeast Clare area. When it was constructed in the late 1920s, the ‘Shannon Scheme’ met the electricity needs of the whole country and today continues to power tens of thousands of homes. 

On the outskirts of the village is Quinsborough House, built by High Sherriff of Clare George Quinn in 1767. The stately mansion was once said to be home to the Spencer family, the ancestors of Diana former Princess of Wales, while the mother of 1916 patriot ‘The O Rahilly’ was brought up here.

Parteen is located a short distance from Clare’s county boundary with Limerick, which motorists today cross via Athlunkard Bridge. The landmark five-arch cut limestone bridge has provided a vital transport link over the River Shannon for two centuries. It once featured a toll gate house on the Limerick City side, which remains in place today. Parteen also is a gateway to the Lough Derg Region with its many visitor attractions and outdoor activities.